Some Endevor “ideation” observations…

So today I asked myself a question: “Of the things that are contributed to the CA Endevor Community Ideation, what’s the track record of CA delivering on the ideas from it’s customer base?”

Some interesting stats came out of that question and I thought I would share them.

The categories of ideas I looked at were “New”, “Wishlisted”, “Currently Planned”, “Delivered”, “Under Review”, and “Not Planned”.

The total number of ideas in all these categories was 286. Of those 286, 102 were authored by CA, not by customers (about 36%).

Breaking down the stats even further….

New = 42; CA authored = 6 (about 14%)

Wishlisted = 8; CA authored = 1 (about 13%)

Currently Planned = 12; CA authored = 10 (about 83%)

Delivered = 21; CA authored = 14 (about 67%)

Under Review = 138; CA authored = 48 (about 35%)

Not Planned = 65; CA authored = 23 (about 35%)

Is it just me, or does CA seem to be a little too concentrated on itself for planning and delivery of ideas? I accept that CA sometimes writes ideas on behalf of its customers, but… I don’t know…. the “stats” look a little skewed….

Thoughts and feedback more than welcome! 🙂

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