A Few More Simple Tips

Get Yourself A Dumb ID

A very helpful hint for the Endevor Administrator is to have a second userid for the system that has limited access to facilities along the same lines as the most restricted developer.

This ID is very useful for ensuring the changes you make in Endevor work for everyone. Your normal userid tends to have “god-like” access to everything. Therefore, everything always works for you!

The “dumb ID” reflects your users and is a good verification check to ensure changes you are making truly are “transparent”.

Use supportconnect

It is surprising how many sites are unaware of the excellent support provided by CA for all of its products through the Internet. Everyone using CA products should be registered and using the facility found at supportconnect.ca.com.

Through effective use of supportconnect, the Administrator has an opportunity to be more than just “reactive” to Endevor problems; they can actually be “pro-active”.

For instance, supportconnect provides the ability to list all current problems and fixes for the Endevor product. The Administrator can scan down that list, recognize circumstances that fit his/her site, and apply a fix before the problem is actually encountered.

Conversely, they can sign-up to be alerted to times when new solutions are posted, thereby being made aware of problems and fixes without even having to request a list.

Other features of the tool are the ability to create and track issues, as well as your site-specific product improvement suggestions.

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