INUGE: A Call to Action -Or is it?

First of all, I’ve come to understand that not everyone is aware there has been an International User Group for Endevor (INUGE) group in existence for more than 20 years. It has been instrumental in ensuring a unified voice is reflected in the user community when communicating the global Endevor community’s needs versus individual enterprise wants. It has been a key component in driving appropriate strategic changes to the software many enterprises use to ensure the integrity of their production environment.

The past couple of weeks has seen a little activity that should concern every Endevor administrator.

It began March 25 2016 with a note from Stuart Ashby on his CA Community blog:

“I just wanted to let everyone know that the domain will not be renewed when the current contract with the ISP expires.

“I assume that this means everything on the site will be disposed of by the ISP so if you want to salvage anything, you should waste no time.”

Phon Shuffitt provided the following eloquent response a few days later:

“This is a sad day for me to see the end of the INUGE era, not just the website but the idea of what this User Community was founded on in its day. The purpose of this CA User Group was to share common ideas in an open and unbiased forum.  The concept of the Inter-national User Group for Endevor was formed independently to unite the Endevor user community with one voice communication into CA for recognition of product evolvement into its current form.  CA was so impressed with this process that is now the bases of how all of CA product lines are enhanced, with idea from the user involvement and requests.  This has allowed even more users to present ideas to CA, but has somehow “lost in translation” the discussion of the enhancement requests.

“The local, regional and INUGE communities were a way to share knowledge without reinventing the wheel because so many of us have similar needs for customization to reinforce standards in our own shops.  After all, we have various product integrations into Endevor processes that may or may not be a CA product line, which may cause a conflict of interest with CA managing the sole Community and without the independence of  INUGE.  This is how the Shareware concept was brought about, where a user was able to solve an issue with a customization and then was willing to share it with the community.  Many of these obstacles are no longer a problem in today’s world, therefor you may not require that customization, however it has always been a resource to “go-to” if needed and once you downloaded it, you owned it.  Since it was user developed and donated to INUGE, I personally do not believe it should be shared on this site. 

“I have been an active member of my regional user group and INUGE since 1991, I  have served in many leadership roles over these past 25 years and have seen the communities evolve.    However, over the last couple of years we have relied more heavily on CA’s input, direction and guidance, which is great in many aspects but in doing so we have lost our independence.  I have also seen in the past years the dissolvent of so many user communities, possibly due to legal restrictions or limited company funds for travel or many other unknown factors and the CA Endevor Community portal has helped fill in the gap.  But we as users and community members are missing out on so much more in those face to face meetings, round table discussions and sharing experiences across the board.  This is very disheartening as the new users/Admin now have only limited means to gain that valuable knowledge. After all a community is only as great as its leaders and we have not had enough of our members to step up to lead in order to keep all of these communities healthy.”

In order to reach a greater audience, it was recreated as a question posted by Philip Gineo on the CA Community board for Endevor:

Posting this here so Stuart’s post shows up in the “CA Endevor” community feed. Is I-NUGE finished as a concept?

The following is the reply that I have posted:

“All I can do is weigh in with a personal opinion, Phil. And since most of you know me, you also know I inevitably have one…

“Is INUGE finished as a concept? I would argue a vehement “no”. The concept is sound. An international community of users centered around the effective usage of a software product and its inherent processes that are absolutely essential for the well-being of companies and governments around the world is a noble undertaking.

“Is INUGE in its current form sustainable or arguably healthy? I would also say “no”…. and its current state gives evidence of the consequences of years of dependence on CA as opposed to operating independently.

“I think Phon was quite eloquent in her response to Stuart’s post in articulating the dismay many of us feel at the current state of affairs. From the erosion of influence to the sunset of the website, I think the siren’s song of CA’s sponsorship has inadvertently steered us onto the shoals of irrelevance.

“Since coming back into an active Endevor administrative role and engagement with the user community, I have been dismayed at the “state of the nation”. Some time ago, I posted a note in Linkedin (in the “Endevor Professionals” group) regarding this observation and asked whether it was time for a reboot. The crickets that responded were deafening… Stuart was (and is) accurate in his response to the post in that the support for INUGE appears to be disappearing and becoming non-existent.

“But I don’t think it needs to die.

“I think it needs to be revitalized around a more aggressive concept that goes beyond CA’s sponsorship with a more defined role, goals, and objective. Perhaps its time for a new constitution…. maybe its time it took on the role of certifying Endevor professionals or certifying what are REALLY best practices based on what REAL administrators and users encounter instead of what the last service contractor or previous Endevor administrator left on-site to be supported.

“To steal a phrase from one of the American candidates… We need to make INUGE great again!

“And the potential is there… arguably more so than it ever has been with the electronic tethers we all have access to these days. Why not have a quarterly meeting with objectives for the organization to achieve? Why not start voting on things WE bring up instead of items fed to us from CA? Why not form a voting block for (and sometimes against) “ideas” that are weirdly upvoted because an eclectic few want something in Endevor and the rest of us “just don’t care”. Why not be the “go-to” organization for the “correct” way to leverage Endevor instead of having newcomers or our replacements as we retire wallow in the dark and make Endevor behave weirdly because they didn’t know better?

“This doesn’t HAVE to be the end… but it can be a call to a new beginning.”

I bring this to this blog because I know the people that take the time to check and read it are generally actual Endevor administrators with a vested interest in the activities around the Endevor product.

And I invite anyone and everyone to post their opinion either here or on the CA Community website. Is there a need for a group like INUGE? Should efforts be made to save it? Reconstitute it? Evolve it?

Where should we go from here?

2 thoughts on “INUGE: A Call to Action -Or is it?

  1. I agree with the mission of an independent international user group. However, the care and feeding of an international user group takes time and effort, something many of us don’t have in an abundant supply. It seems there are fewer and fewer Endevor Admins. In my humble opinion, CA is gathering the experiential knowledge of all of us to not only make the product the best it can be but to also market the best practices. If you want to take INUGE and run with it, I back you 100%.


  2. When I read the initial article, I volunteered to do the honors of administering the site; however, I did not receive a response. I think the site was extremely beneficial to the Endevor Administrator community.


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